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Continue to learn throughout the summer

As golfers we never stop trying to improve our game. During the winter we may be off the course, but spending hours inside on the RoboGolfPro or on the range, hitting balls, trying to perfect what we have been learning.

However, whilst most amateurs tend to think of practice just as hitting balls on a golf range, this really limits your potential to improve. Instead, you should view practice as any activity that may impact on your golfing performance and learning. Playing, hitting balls, practice swings, putting competitions with your mates, even visualising your golf swing all constitutes practice. That's why once the summer arrives and we can get out on the course, we can start to increase our learning.

Achieve quality volume.

There is no getting around the fact that the more high quality repetitions you do, the better you will become. The key here though is quality. You need to first understand how your swing should feel. You need to find a balance between course and lessons/range time, but also consider how you can make the golf range more like the course environment, and find ways to get more repetitions whilst playing on a golf course.

Feedback is critical.

Remember, your scorecard is more than just your shots and points. Include how many times you hit the fairway, how many times you hit the green in regulation, if possible record the distance of your shots. The more statistics you have to discuss with your instructor the more chance they have of understanding and fixing the underlying issues. We recommend you compile stats for at least five rounds so you start seeing any patterns emerging in your game.

Golf score card recording stats
Keeping your stats gives you the feedback you need

Fitness is key.

Remember, that some weekend 18 hole roll ups can take 4-5 hours to complete. If you are not in good shape, then you might want to consider a fitness regime. This should include both cardiovascular fitness, strength and mobility. Most current touring pro's will spend time in the gym, which becomes a huge help when trying to navigate the final few holes. And, despite the hot weather you should still ensure you warm up with some stretching and mobility exercises. Check out this video from Sky Sports Golf's Henni Goya.

Try an on course lesson.

Following our recent move to Lavendar Park, Ascot, you can now benefit from an on course lesson with our PGA professional Matt. These lessons are a great way to see if you have taken all that hard work in the winter on the range is to have an on-course lesson. 

During this session Matt should be able to to help you with better course strategy, club selection, shot selection, reading greens, shot routine, self talk and pre-round preparation. 

If you are yet to experience the RoboGolfPro at FairWeather Golf, email or book your first lessons online here.

Fairweather Golf introduced the UK's first RoboGolfPro in 2016 and have since added facilities in Ascot, Berkshire and Greenwich Peninsula, London.

"RoboGolfPro is the only machine in existence that allows the golfer to finally learn through feel."

Each swing is fully tailored to the individuals height, flexibility, range of motion and swing characteristics. This allows us to create a more efficient, consistent swing that combined with expert tuition leads to quicker more sustainable results. 

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