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Today our masters blog looks at the winning score...

It hasn't been over par since 2007 when Zach Johnson won the Green Jacket by 2 strokes with a score of plus 1. Furthermore it has been 22 years since Tiger Woods stormed to victory by 12 strokes with a score of 18 under, this was matched by Jordan Speith in 2015.

Tiger Woods won with a score of -18. Matched by Speith in 2015.

In his 1997 victory Tiger Woods played the back nine in a cumulative 16 under par. He set a further 20 Masters records that year. But more on that later. The best score in a single round is currently jointly held by by Greg Norman and Nick Price, who have both shot 63.

The average score over the last 10 years has been -11.7 whereas the previous 10 years saw an average winning score of -8. Just to note, the average winning score during the first 10 years was -6.

Hole number 2 question: What will be the winning score?

Matt believes -16 will be the winning score with Reeves believing -14 will be enough.

Today's questions is a par 5 question, with an eagle for the correct score, a birdie for getting within 2 shots, a par for within 4 shots, a bogie for within 6 shots and a double bogie for anything else.

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