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What Is RoboGolfPro?

"RoboGolfPro is the only machine in existence that allows the golfer to finally learn through feel."


Each swing is fully tailored to the your height, flexibility, range of motion and swing characteristics. This allows us to create a more efficient, consistent swing that combined with expert tuition leads to quicker more sustainable results. 


"We all know the importance of custom fitted golf clubs; now you can custom fit your swing."


How Do You Start?


It all starts with a RoboGolfPro Setup & Evaluation (check out the video above).

This 90 minute session includes:


✓ A full biomechanical assessment

✓ A fully customised RoboGolfPro swing

✓ Your first RoboGolfPro lesson

✓ A before & after video

✓ Practice drills

✓ Range of motion drills

✓ A structured improvement plan

RoboGolfPro is the first and only swing trainer that allows you to learn through feel. What usually takes hours on the range can now be achieved in minutes.